Cops 'n' Robbers

Cops 'n' Robbers

Slot machine test: cops n' robbers

Maybe you remember even from the schoolyard play robbers and gendarmes, what is a true classic among boys and in many variants to find. On the one hand the good police officers, on the other the robbers. You can robbers the same also in the cops 'n' play, which promises fun and chances of winning friends in a pretty colorful cartoon graphics. Play you can slot in the Star Games Casino, even in free mode, if it should be first no real money gains.

Cops n' robbers shows visually exactly in the right amount, because it is colorful, but not to overload. Here you can quickly recognize the different symbols that you to the gravel should lead. Also playful that fits into the big picture, because the slot cops n' robbers can be easily and quickly play. Opportunities there not lack therefore but, given good bonus opportunities are waiting for you, for example, 100 free spins. If so robbers and gendarmes quarrel, the third party - in this case so pleased you.

Play Cops 'n' Robbers online now!

Cops n' robbers online play

The slot of cops 'n' robbers is very fast and fluid play and thanks to the nice graphics, each round always makes much fun. This is true but of course especially for rounds, where you make a profit. Given nothing will you, why you should pay attention to the symbols. If there are the same symbols next to each other, they form a series. Should the far left start and also on a payline, then also profit is distributed, which is composed of various factors.

Income arises from your usage, the symbol and the length of the series. Each icon is equipped with multipliers that are higher, the more of the same symbols are side by side. The multiplier will be charged then with your line usage and results so the round win. It can consist also of several series. So your usage determines how high your winnings can be. With lowering the line number you can save on the total usage, however you lower hence your chances.

Twenty payline has cops n' robbers a total running from left to right across the five reels.

The meaning of the symbols in the slot of cops n' robbers

Are the 10, J, Q, K, and A not exactly original icons, but they look nice colorful and reward you with regular profits. In five series, these are really profitable. The symbol with the nice lady may be unique, which brings some fresh ideas to the genre and neatly fine beech can beat. The policeman is however even more. And above this is not only the police car, but also the judge. If you pan your usage, you can see directly in the profit table, how it affects your possible profits.

The watchdog serves as a wild symbol and is the absolute top seller in cops n' robbers. Not only he brings very high profits, he doubled even series, in which he appears. Also nothing to sneeze at, the logo of the game, the safe and the blue light are - all three symbols can trigger bonus actions, including the free spins. For free spins, the blue light must appear at least three times on the roller. You can order 15, 25 or even 100 free games get.

Slot machines instructions of cops 'n' robbers

If you want to play cops n' robbers online, you have to Rob any Bank for. Just visit the online casino, sign up and make a few bets. The slot is playing and is clearly defined with regard to start the rollers and the stakes. The slot also has a gamble feature. With this, do you want to play for a win on a double and therefore tap a card color. But where a chance is, is always a risk, so you will lose your winnings by rounds in a false tip.

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